The museum of Costa Rican Art

In the building of the old International la Sabana airport, you can find the Museum of Costa Rican Art. Here, you can find Costa Rican art that dates back to the second half of the 19th century until the present. It is home to about 600 pieces of art from international artists and the styles range from plastic techniques, drawings, paintings, sculptures to photography and art installations.

When doing some research before coming to Costa Rica, you will probably not find this museum as a recommended tourist attraction. However, it is definitely worth it to pay a visit, even if you are not a fan of art. There is a golden salon that has a lot of history to tell. On the 7th of April 1940, the salon was formally opened together with the airport. The salon is 150 m2 with a bronze bas-relief mural. In the beginning, the goal of this salon was to inform travelers through images about the different historic event in Costa Rica.

Right now it is part of the art collection of the museum, but of course, you can still admire the different images and learn about the history of this country. You can also visit the permanent exposition of sculptures in the garden, which was opened in 2003. The design of the garden was donated by the Costa Rican sculptor and architect Jorge Jiménez Deredia.

The mainly modern pieces of art in the garden shows us how talented and creative Costa Rican artists are. The pictures you can take here will surely be a fun memory of your trip to San Jose, Costa Rica.

The museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday, from 9 am – 4 pm. The entrance is free for everyone.

From Finca Escalante you can walk to the city center of San Jose and then take a bus directly to La Sabana (about 30 minutes). 

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