San Jose, the green capital

For most people, San Jose does not have a lot to offer. They will tell you that the natural beauty can be found outside of the capital, but at Finca Escalante we know this is not true.

The parks in San Jose are a meeting point for many friends, a place to relax for those that feel stressed out, a fun place for kids. Really, there is always a good reason to visit one of the many parks that are so full of greenery, despite being located in the capital of Costa Rica.

The following are the three most important parks in the city, each with their own charm and perfect for anything.

1: Parque La Sabana

Parque Metropolitano La Sabana Padre ChapuĂ­, or better known as Parque La Sabana, is the most well-known and the biggest park in the Costa Rican capital. It offers a lot of different activities, such as athletics, swimming, football, tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Besides all these activities, families come here every week, whether that is to play with the kids, have a picnic or simply take a walk. It sure is a beautiful place to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city for a moment.

2: Parque Nacional

Contrary to La Sabana, which is a recreative park, Parque Nacional is perfect for couples. The park is very extensive and has some nice and quiet paths, so it is perfect for taking an evening walk. There is also a little pond with fishes and some statues of American heroes.

3: Parque de Francia

Only a few blocks from Finca Escalante, this park is a popular meeting spot for students that live or study in the area. They come here to chat with friends, share new music but also to drink a coffee together. It is only small in size but grand for relaxing and spending a nice moment with friends.

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