Barrio Escalante, more than just restaurants

The neighborhood of Escalante is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Costa Rica, and both tourists and locals are fascinated by the place. It is mostly known for its gastronomic character. The neighborhood is also proof that you can achieve anything if the whole community works together.

The transformation of Barrio Josefino, or Barrio Escalante as we know it today, did not happen overnight. As the people of Escalante wanted to create a more solid and safe community, the neighbors started a project of reformation and recovery of the neighborhood. They knew they did not want to turn into a neighborhood like La California, where the residents experience inconveniences from all the bars and the nightlife every day.

In 2010, the restaurants in calle 33 (now known as the Paseo Gastronomico La Luz or the Gastronomic Walk of the Light) were just with the five of them. There were also bars that were forced to leave the neighborhood, because they did not fit into the vision of what Escalante was supposed to become.

However, as the residents always emphasize, el Paseo GastronĂ³mico was only one of the things that the association of neighbors and the municipality worked on to change the neighborhood. Something else was the replanting of trees, which is why in 2010 they planted 221 trees and 65 palm trees.

To conclude, Escalante is more than just restaurants. It represents the wish to improve, the work of a community, and the wish to become safer. Barrio Escalante is the living proof that you can achieve anything when working together on the same goal.

Being located in Barrio Escalante is, among other things, what makes Finca Escalante such a loved place to stay for travelers from all over the world. Finca Escalante is located right in the heart of this bustling neighborhood, and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

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